Depression, anxiety and other mental health problems are a major concern in our modern society. There wouldn’t be a day go by where we don’t have multiple conversations in the pharmacy with people who are struggling with these types of issues.

There is something new that has come across my radar in recent weeks that is a different approach to assisting people who suffer with mental health issues. It has become very popular overseas and, importantly, it is backed by sound clinical research.

It is called Neurofolin and it contains methylfolate calcium. It is a food supplement for special medical purposes to be used as dietary support in the management of depression. It comes in the form of a sachet that is to be dissolved in a glass of water and taken as a daily dose.
Neurofolin is an activated form of folate used by the brain, and promotes the production of neurotransmitters known to be deficient in individuals with depressive disorders. It may be used alone or with antidepressants. 

As with most things, it is not suitable for everyone, but, if you or someone you know suffer with depression or anxiety it may be worth a conversation with one of our pharmacists.


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