If you suffer with Asthma or emphysema or know someone who does then you need to read on. Australian research shows up to 90% of asthmatics and COPD sufferers use their inhalers incorrectly.

Around 2.5 million Australians suffer from asthma and many more with emphysema and related conditions. This research found that 75% of this group of people believe they use their inhaler correctly. However, the research data showed that it is only 10% of this group that do, in fact, use their inhaler correctly. Errors include inhalation speed, the timing of inhalation, how you use multiple inhalations, how to use multiple inhalers together, how to exhale, when to exhale and many others.Incorrect inhaler technique means less medicine than intended gets into your lungs. The issue with this is that you don’t get the full benefit of the medication. Which basically means your breathing is worse than it potentially could be. 

Given the very serious nature of Asthma and emphysema, it is important that we get the best possible benefit from the treatment. So, if you suffer from one of these conditions or know someone who does, I urge you to have your technique checked. We do this as a free service in the pharmacy. Bring in your inhaler and one of our pharmacists can make sure you are getting the full benefit from your treatment. Remember, for every 10 asthmatics reading this 7 or 8 think they have good inhaler technique. But only 1 actually does.

PS – I do have a set of guidelines that contains step by step instructions for every type of inhaler.If you would like a copy please let me know by return email and I will forward them to you.

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